Texas Wesleyan Coach Suspended For Racist, Homophobic Tweets After Condemning Recruits For Their Bad Tweets (PICS)

If you’re trying to teach young people a lesson in the age of social media, you should probably check your own closet to see if you have any skeletons in there.

For the past few years, especially in 2018, a number of athletes have caught a lot of flack for the type of tweets they had posted to their Twitter accounts from year’s past.

Texas Wesleyan offensive coordinator Kyle Cox decided he wanted to teach a valuable lesson to future recruits on the dangers of what they tweet out and the ramifications it can cost them down the road.

So, he wrote this:

Awesome advice. Too bad, it came from the wrong person.

Twitter user @CRWNDKING_Brand saw that original tweet and decided to do some digging, and he found was a guy that had a few racist and homophobic tweets on his account.

It didn’t take long for Cox to delete his entire Twitter account, but the damage had been done and the school would soon suspend him:

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