Jae Crowder’s Baby Mama Threatens To Expose His Married NBA Friends After He Slept With Her Friend (PICS)

Not even Jerry Springer could drum up this type of drama in a matter of days.

This whole ordeal began when Jae Crowder took to Instagram and called the mother of his child for sleeping with Philadelphia 76ers star Robert Covington and told them they didn’t have to be sneaky about it, because he knew.

She then fired back by insinuating that the child they had together and who he has been taking care of actually belonged to another man. Low blow.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Dana Lambert has taken to Instagram once again t accuse the Utah Jazz star of sleeping with one of her friends while she was sleep in another room. She even managed to throw everyone including Former Houston Texans WR Andre Johnson in the mix as well.

The friend:

Alexa play killin you hoes by Trina

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That’s just something to do when there’s nothing to do ? Full lace wig installed by me ?

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The girl Andre Johnson was supposedly smashing:

Honey ? Caramel, or Light brown sugar?

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Ok ok ok number 1 it is!

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