Utah Jazz C Rudy Gobert Throws A Massive Shot To Shoe Burners Protesting Nike’s Kaepernick Campaign (TWEET)

(Photo by Gene Sweeney Jr./Getty Images)

Just searching the news everyday, it’s not hard to find something to be mad about as there are terrible people in all walks of life. Who knew a guy putting his knee on the ground two years ago would be one of the most hated people walking in this country?

A lot of people were not thrilled to find out that Nike decided to sign Colin Kaepernick to be the face of their new ‘Just Do It’ ad campaign, and while others decided to boycott the apparel and footwear company, many others took it a step further and started burning already purchased items.

Those many pictures and videos did not sit well with Rudy Gobert.

The Utah Jazz center took to Twitter on Wednesday and urged those boycotting folks to stop setting fire to items and donate those items to the homeless veterans they “pretend to care about.”

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