Nike’s Proposed Replacement for the LeBron Banner in Cleveland Seems Pretty Stupid

Francisco Lindor. Baker Mayfield. Kevin Love?

Despite ​LeBron James’ departure, there are still plenty of icons in Cleveland for the city to fall back on. After all, we might be right in the throes of a legendary Indians era, and the Browns are finally on the verge of rehabilitation.

Nah. Here’s a better idea. Why not replace the city’s iconic LeBron banner with…a picture of an old bridge?

Would be cooler if the actual bridge weren’t visible from the location of this billboard, too.

​​”Hey, honey, look! It’s a billboard of that thing I’m looking at out of the corner of my eye! Yup, that did it. Now I’m inspired to cover the spread against the Magic in March.”

For real, this had to be a smiling Lindor. It’s two steps down the road from Progressive Field (and yes, that’s the same argument I made against this statue photo, but I’m not advocating for a banner of the right-field facade). This should not be an inanimate object. It should be the most animated object: Frankie smiling. You’re welcome.

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