Serena Williams Has A Meltdown At US Open; Goes Off on Umpire (VIDEO)

Serena Williams, trailing by a set to Naomi Osaka of Japan, received a coaching warning at 30-15 on Osaka’s serve in the second set by umpire Carlos Ramos during the US Open women’s final.

Serena’s emotions got the best of her and she proceeded to go off on the umpire.

“I don’t cheat to win, I’d rather lose,” Williams was heard telling Ramos.

At one point, Serena called the umpire a “thief,” and proceeded to break her racket following the play of Osaka. She was issued a second warning for that, which cost her a point in the next game.

She approached the chair umpire and began screaming at him and pointing: “You owe me an apology! I have never cheated in my life. I have a daughter and I stand for what is right and I have never cheated!”

Osaka would go on to defeat the legend that is Serena shortly after: