Ex-NBA Player Jason Maxiell Admits He Slept With 341 Women; 50+ While Married (VIDEO)

Jason Maxiell had a solid 10-year career in the NBA, nothing truly eye popping that would make it memorable, but that all changed once he was retired from the game.

The former NBA player appeared on Iyanla Fix My Life and his wife, Brandi Maxiell, talked about about her husband cheating on her, but didn’t really know to what extent until the couple aired out all of their business with life coach Iyanla Vanzant.

The high school sweethearts have been together for 17 years, and throughout that time period, Maxiell found time to cheat on his wife to the extent of having 50+ affairs and that was just since they walked the aisle in 2010. The retired basketball player managed to sleep with a total of 341 women while playing the field before and during his current marriage.

Brandi was upset to the point of walking off set.

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