Isaiah Thomas Ranks Himself Above Stephen Curry, Westbrook & Others (VIDEO)

Self-confidence in athletes is everything and you have to play like you’re the best athlete in your particular sport and never show signs of weakness. Believing you’re the best and actually being the best are two totally different things.

Since being traded from the Boston Celtics, Isaiah Thomas has largely fallen off the face of the earth as he went from being an MVP candidate to being on his 4th team in little over a year. The injury riddled guard just hasn’t been the same as he struggled in 15 games with the Cavs before they traded him to the Lakers.

Despite all of that, he still ranks himself ahead of the NBA’s best.

During an appearance on Laugh Out Loud Network’s Cold as Balls with Kevin Hart – the Denver Nuggets PG was asked to rank his top-5 PG’s in the league. He put himself 1st, followed by Curry, Westbrook, Wall, and Lillard. He would soon take Wall off for Kyrie Irving.

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