Alabama Pastor Receives Standing Ovation After Cutting Up Nike Gear During Church Sermon (VIDEO)

It has now been over a week since Nike made Colin Kaepernick the face of its 30th-anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign and the fallout of that decision continues into a new week.

This time around, Mobile, Alabama reverend Mack Morris wanted to make a statement to his members this past Sunday, so he took a hold of an old Nike headband and a wristband, held them both up before a packed church, and cut them.

“I ain’t using that no more,” said Morris, the senior pastor at Woodridge Baptist Church in west Mobile during his weekly Sunday sermon.

“I’ve bought my last pair of Nike shoes,” Morris said.

“He’s inked a contract with Nike,” Morris said during his sermon. “No one knows or is telling how many multi-million dollars that is going to be simply because he won’t stand when the national anthem is sung.”

Morris received a standing applause.

09-09-18 “The Storms of Life” from Woodridge Baptist Church on Vimeo.

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