Dak Prescott Responds To Landon Collins Essentially Calling Him A Trash QB (VIDEO)

Sunday night is likely to bring us another classic matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants.

It didn’t take long for controversy to kick off after Landon Collins gave some bulletin board material when he essentially stated that the Giants should come out victorious as long as Dak Prescott is forced to throw the football. A clear shot at his struggles of his passing game and lack of deep shots down the field.

“We really just have to focus on stopping Zeke. We need to make sure we’re playing our gap assignments and make sure we [take] the air out of their running game,” Collins said. “Put the ball into Dak’s hands and I think we have a better shot at winning.”

24 hours later and the Dallas Cowboys 2nd-year starter had a response for the New York Giants safety with just two words and a focused look:

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