Steve Smith Punks Michael Irvin For Shady Comments: ‘I Passed You Statistically Years Ago’ (VIDEO)

Steve Smith Sr. might not be an active NFL player anymore, but that fire he had on the field still remains inside of him as he transitioned to the booth.

Just before Thursday Night’s Bengals vs. Ravens match-up, hall of fame WR Michael Irvin was in the midst of explaining how Ravens QB Joe Flacco hadn’t had a WR he could trust since Anquan Boldin, and that was said while Steve Smith, who played with Flacco from 2014-2016, looked on in disbelief.

“You telling me they ain’t have a wide receiver since Anquan? Anquan wasn’t the only baller on there. I understand that you have the rings, but I passed you statistically years ago,” Smith said to Irvin.

Irvin defended his credentials by flaunting his three Super Bowl rings.

“I concur and I agree with your rings,” said Smith. “But at the same time ain’t no route that I couldn’t run that you hoped you could run. I got a doctorate in route-running. You got an associate’s degree!”

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