Sheriff’s Office Says Table Slamming Will Not Be Permitted At Buffalo Bills Games

During Week a of the brand new NFL season, the Buffalo Bills got off on the wrong foot as they came into Baltimore looking to feed off last years success of a playoff berth, but it didn’t go as planned all game long.

The team got shredded to the tune of a 47-3 blowout and it felt like more than just 1 loss on their record. Now the fans have something else to gripe about, because the only thing they really had to bring them constant joy is being taken away from them.


“Beginning at 9am, parking lots at New Era Field will open. Erie County Sheriff’s deputies will be looking to eliminate excessive consumption of alcohol and checking for glass bottles. They are also reminding fans that they need to adhere to the “Fan Code of Conduct“, which also includes the parking lots. Table slamming will not be permitted and those who violate the rule will be ejected and could face criminal charges.”

Don’t fret too much about this, because the majority of the table smashing videos we have been accustomed to seeing weren’t happening in the parking lot anyway.

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