UCLA Women’s Soccer Players Continue Kneeling Protest For 2nd Season In A Row (PICS)

(Photo by Darren Abate/Getty Images)

Two years ago when Colin Kaepernick kicked off the protests during the National Anthem, many of his peers slowly began to follow suit in the NFL. It went from being exclusively an NFL thing to an around-the-country protest in various other sports.

Last season, a few players on the UCLA Bruins Women’s soccer team began taking on a very different challenge by kneeling during the national anthem before games to show their support for Colin Kaepernick and what he was trying to accomplish.

That protest continued into this season when Defenders Kennedy Faulknor and Kaiya McCullough and two others on the sidelines dropped to a knee at midfield during the playing of the Star-Spangled Banner.

UCLA head coach Amanda Cromwell has publicly supported the players in the past:

“It’s about supporting the cause of racial justice and equality in the world,” the coach said to the Pac-12 Networks last fall.

“I love that our team is socially active. We’re politically active and we support them across the board.”

Here are more photos of the two women in the above pic:


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