Parents Outraged After High School Player Chokes, Punches, & Slams Opponent on Ground (VIDEO)

It was the type of video that any parent that seen the action would have made their blood boil and fill them with uncontrollable rage.

During a game on September 13th between Burleson High School’s freshman football team and Waco University High School, when Jennifer Gower was seated in the stands when a kid on Waco took her son Jagger down to the ground.

Things got crazy from there:

“As the player continues to push him down, Gower can be heard screaming for someone to get him off. Jagger later told her the player was choking him.

“That’s not a tackle… it was awful,” said Gower reflecting on the moment.

Jagger remains sidelined due to doctor’s orders while they wait for his head injury to heal. But according to Gower, other parents told her the player responsible for the injuries was seen on the field one week later.

“That’s unacceptable. The kids should not be playing. He should not be on the field, and I strongly believe that,” said Gower.”

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Waco ISD’s response to force the ejected player to miss the rest of the game and the first half of the next game met the minimum automatic penalty.

Waco ISD released a statement saying, ““We do not condone the behavior depicted in the videos posted on Facebook. We have high expectations for our student athletes, and when a student fails to meet them, there are consequences. In this situation, the player faced consequences mandated by UIL and additional consequences imposed by the district.”

“The school and the local district executive committee have the authority to impose additional suspensions or additional penalties for involved students. The UIL State Executive Committee also has the authority to impose additional penalties.”


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