Deer Sprints Towards End Zone During Kickoff Return For Touchdown (VIDEO)

A high school football team in Washington state were in the midst of receiving a kickoff and making a big play, when a deer decided to show up as an extra blocker.

The game—between Coupeville High School and Kings High School—was played on Coupeville’s home field, and during the first play of the 4th quarter, pandemonium erupted in the bleachers as fans couldn’t help but to notice Bambi wanted to play football.

Coupeville’s Sean Toomey-Stout caught the football and just before he ran, a deer appeared above him and took off towards the end zone. While that was happening, Sean was shedding blockers and making his way to the end zone as well.

Even the deer couldn’t help Coupeville on this night, as they went down 20-14.

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