Mom Sues High School After Son Didn’t Make Varsity Soccer Team

(Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

Back 2001, if you saw a headline like this, you would automatically think it’s fake and 9 times out of 10, it would be just that.

In 2018, these type of headlines are not only true, but becoming all too common.

A northeast mother, who is named as Jane Doe in a lawsuit, is suing a Missouri high school for discrimination after her son didn’t make the varsity soccer team and was promptly kicked off the junior varsity team last month at Ladue High School.

Ladue officials stated that a junior who doesn’t make the varsity team can’t return to the junior varsity team. According to the lawsuit, this amounts to age and sexual discrimination because the same rules don’t apply to younger students or to girls.

The school went on to state that the rule allows lower grade students a chance to develop their skills so they can be prepared to try out for varsity.

KTVI has the details:

“The mother of a Ladue junior who did not make the varsity cut does not think that’s fair. She believes her son, who already played on the J.V soccer team, is good enough to play again on the same team.

The coach sent the family an email that said their son was on the bubble when it came to picking varsity team members. He wrote the boy has holes in his technical ability and game decision making.

The family appealed the coach’s ruling to the superintendent who decided the family’s complaint was unsubstantiated.

In the courtroom testimony from the coach indicated the seven juniors cut from the varsity team were not good enough to play with on the J.V. team. He said the reason he said nice things about John Doe was to build his self-esteem and not punch him in the gut after being cut from the varsity team.

The lawyer for John Doe also introduced documents that he said show players performance ratings given by coaches show that John Doe is better than some of the boys who made varsity.”

The lawyer for John Doe stated the high school junior wanted to take the case to the federal courthouse.

U.S. District Judge John Ross has since denied a request by the parent for a temporary restraining order that would allow their child to play soccer on the Junior Varsity team.