Astros’ Ryan Pressly Confronts Roberto Osuna Heckler, “You’re F*cking Soft” (VIDEO)

Houston Astros may have had little trouble with the Cleveland Indians in the ALDS, but at least two of their players had issues with a fan.

In the midst of warming up before Game 3, a heckler decided to annoy Robert Osuna about his domestic violence arrest, which caused teammate Ryan Pressly to jump into action.

TMZ has the details:

“It all went down on Monday when the Astros were taking on the Cleveland Indians at Progressive Field for Game 3 of the ALDS … when a CLE fan began teeing off on Osuna.

The person who shot the video says the heckler was going after Osuna about his domestic violence arrest — yelling things like, “Do you remember baseball before you committed domestic violence?”

Osuna — who pled not guilty in his criminal case — didn’t say one word to the heckler but fellow pitcher Pressly came over to try to calm things down.

“Stop, stop, stop … I don’t care what you say. You can talk all the sh*t you want. Just don’t bring that stuff up,” Pressly said.

The heckler argued that Osuna should be able to handle the trash talk because he’s a pro — but Pressly fired back.

“He’s trying to be a professional … but you’re coming over here being a dickhead, dude.”

Finally, Pressly gives up and walks away … telling the heckler, “You’re f*cking soft.”

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The Houston Astros would have the last laugh, winning the game 11-3 and sweeping the Indians out of the playoffs as they advance to the ALCS. Osuna never had to enter the game.

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