Cowboys Fan Creates Petition For Fans To Stop Buying Merchandise Until Jason Garrett is Fired

Cowboys fans are fed up!

On Sunday Night Football, the Dallas Cowboys had an opportunity to change their fate in OT against the Houston Texans by going for on 4th-and-1, except Jason Garrett wasn’t having it and elected to punt.

The decision would backfire and put the Cowboys at 2-3 on the year in a division that is clearly up for grabs. Cowboys fans are not willing to wait around for the talent on the team to be wasted yet again and want changes to be made.

The biggest change is getting rid of the head coach. One Cowboys fan seems to know just how to get Jerry Jones’ attention. His wallet.

Cowboys fan Michael O’Donnell took to to start a petition and urged the fan base to not buy any merchandise until Garrett is gone.

It reads as:

“Jason Garrett has been coaching this team to utter mediocrity since 2010. It’s time for Jerry’s ‘Yes Man’ to hit the bricks.

How do we get Jerry’s attention? His wallet, of course.

Let’s all agree to avoid purchasing any and all Dallas Cowboys merchandise until Jason Garret, and his punt on 4th and 1 tendencies, are far away from Dallas.”

Here’s another petition to have Garrett fired that has over 600 signatures.

“This decision is long overdue. Coach Garrett does not give the best opportunity to win games. His old-school mindset and inability to simply win handicaps the Cowboys as a team. I know there are tons of statistics and examples that I can throw out there but you’ve all seen the games. No need for me to sit and repeat what we have already seen. Horrendous play calling, lack of creativity with our offense, and I don’t know about you but I’m sick of all that clapping. It’s time to bring in a new coach that can actually win games and not clap!”

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