REPORT: Colin Kaepernick Files To Trademark Image of His Face, Afro

No matter how hard his detractors attempt to tarnish his name, Colin Kaepernick refuses to be held down.

The former San Francisco 49ers QB and his company ‘Inked Flash’ have reportedly filed for the trademark to a black and white image of his face and afro, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell. The intent of the trademark is to use his image on various things from shampoo, hairspray, jewelry, and lampshades.

The filing also says the image could be used in association with “providing classes, workshops, seminars and camps in the field of self empowerment and awareness to properly interact with law enforcement” as well as in association with “production of television shows and films.”

Colin Kaepernick hasn’t played in the NFL since the end of the 2016 season, but reemerged as a marketing icon just last month when Nike signed him ad used him as the face of their 30th-anniversary ‘Just Do It’ campaign.

“I think it’s very smart,” trademark attorney Josh Gerben of Washington-based Gerben Law said of Kaepernick’s filing. “Nike made him relevant. Now he can monetize that and promote his movement more.”

Just last month, Kaepernick began selling #ImWithKap items on his website and they sold out within 24 hours. All profits are said to go to Know Your Rights Camp, Kaepernick’s self-empowerment youth charity.

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