Texans & Cowboys Fans Got Into Brawl Shortly After SNF Game; Seven Arrested (VIDEO)

Just when you thought the Texas showdown that happened at NRG Stadium went off without any fan violence, a video comes out of left field showing you the exact opposite.

During Sunday Night Football, a crowd of people showed up a Bayou City Wings in Baytown to watch the in-state rivals duke it out on the field, but by the time the game was over, seven people would be arrested.

Via ABC13:

“The Texans fan was going to leave, when he was leaving, the other group started talking, got argumentative. At that point, the bartenders asked them to pay their tab and leave,” Bayou City Wings Manager Max Thweatt recounted the story.

“The next few minutes we kept asking them to leave. Then, they started throwing punches. So we called police.”

The fight got so bad that it eventually spilled outside. Many of the ones that were arrested were actually family members.

“Michael Hopson appears to be the only person not actually there at the beginning of the fight.

“I was home watching my baby, and my girlfriend called,” said Hopson, whose girlfriend and sister were among those at the bar. Hopson said the women called him to come to the bar because they were being harassed.

“I think I was here maybe three minutes, at most. Pulled up, got out of the car, went to the front, and got arrested all in three or four minutes.”

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All were charged with Class C misdemeanors. All seven have also been banned from the bar.

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