Troy Aikman Calls Out Dak Prescott For Being A Trash QB

The easy thing to do would be to look at the Dallas Cowboys and blame Dak Prescott for his failures to get the job done, but the team needs help across the board.

While speaking on The Musers on The Ticket [KTCK 96.7FM/1310AM], former Dallas Cowboys QB and hall of famer Troy Aikman had just a few things to say about the current QB situation and what he’s not seeing from Prescott.

Per Sports Daily:

“I’ve said for many, many years, as long as I can ever remember, when I’m asked, ‘Hey, what do you look for first in a quarterback?’ The first thing I look for is accuracy because the rest of it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter how tough you are. It doesn’t matter how smart you are or what a great leader you are. None of that stuff matters if you can’t put the ball where you have to put it. I’ve seen too many errant throws in that regard, and then there needs to be a little more anticipation.”

Aikman continued:

“When there’s two deep safeties, you’re looking for somebody to take the middle of the field, and that should be your first read if you have somebody who is taking the middle of the field versus those kinds of looks. I don’t see the great anticipation on what a defense is doing and how might I be able to exploit that pre-snap or as the ball is snapped.”

It should be noted that dropped passes by inconsistent wide receivers have plagues the team in every game this season, with all of Dak Prescott’s INTs coming via tipped passes.

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