LaVar Ball Was Shocked To Find Out JBA Players Hadn’t Been Getting Paid: “Oh Snap” (VIDEO)

It hasn’t been the greatest of weeks for LaVar Ball and his Junior Basketball League.

Last week, the G-League essentially ended his league by announcing a “professional path” for 18-year-old prospects who aren’t NBA draft eligible, which offers select prospects with the opportunity to play in a structured NBA environment, make up to $125,000 and have complete control of their marketing likeness.

That announcement may have made the JBA done after one season.

Sunday’s episode of ‘Ball In The Family’ offered more details into the league’s payment struggles after JBA exec and Big Baller Brand manager Alan Foster found out several players hadn’t been getting paid.

Foster took that information to LaVar and he was just as surprised as Foster was.

LaVar said, “Oh snap!” Then Foster offered his explanation for the issue.

Foster said:

“Having some conversation with our payroll company, it turns out to be the players who were recently brought onboard haven’t been paid yet due to the fact that they weren’t input into our payroll system after the season already started.

“So we have to iron out any kinks in the process. The issue is being taken care of.”

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