Florida Prep School Coach Threatens To F*ck Player ‘In His A**’, Send Him Back To Haiti In Profanity-Laced Clip (VIDEO)

A Florida prep school coach was forced to issue an apology after a profanity-laced 3-minute audio clip was posted earlier this week.

Nation Christian Academy CEO/president Mike Woodbury could be heard during the disgusting audio clip telling one of his players, Marvens Petion: “I control transcripts, I control where you go next. It could be back to Haiti, motherf—-r, that’s how easy it is for me.”

He then went on to tell that same player, “I’m the dirtiest, baddest motherf—-r in this earth. … I’m going to f–k you in your ass the next time you talk out of line. I’m going to take everything from you. Let it be known, I’m saying it out loud. I’m going to take everything from you, I’m going to end everything you’ve ever had.”

The coach accused Petion of a number of offenses, including having alcohol in his room, thefts and attempted extortion.

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The Press Herald decided to dig a bit deeper and found two former youth b-ball players who were coached by Woodbury. Emily Rousseau, recalled Woodbury referring to the girls on his team as “sperm banks” and making racist comments to a black player:

“He several times referred to us as sperm banks. Yep, when we were 15,” she said. “If he wanted us to go into a game he would pull our ponytail and drag us to the scorer’s table. We had an African-American girl on our team and he said if she didn’t start playing better there would be a hate crime.”

Andrew Shaw recalled an incident in which Woodbury told a player who was performing poorly that he should jump off a bridge. “He certainly scarred me, and I know he scarred some of my teammates far worse than me,” Shaw told the Press Herald.

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