50 Cent Rips Floyd Mayweather For Fighting A Guy That Looks Like An ‘Uber Driver’

The news came down over the weekend that Floyd Mayweather signed a deal to fight on New Year’s Eve in Japan against an undefeated 20-year-old kickboxer, Tenshin Nasukawa.

It was shocking to not only his fan base, but his detractors like 50 Cent. The two of the former friends have been feuding for a few weeks now, with breaks inbetween here and there.

On Monday, 50 Cent reignited the feud by speaking on the undefeated fighter stepping into a ring with a guy that he says is more “Uber driver” than contender.

“Champ fighting a Uber driver before the IRS embarrass him again. Pay preview my ass, we watching this on YouTube.”

50 went on to say that Floyd should’ve fought Triple G, writing, “What happen to GGG, couldn’t find his phone number. get the f**k outta here wit this sh*t.”

50 added, “Champ done turned into a circus act … at least Canelo fighting killers.”

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