Martavis Bryant Calls Out His Friends To Stop ‘Liking’ His GF’s Pictures Cause They Can’t Have Her (PICS)

Let’s just get this out the way right now. If you have to announce to your friends to stop liking and lusting your girlfriend, then those people are probably not your friends and just snakes in the grass waiting for their chance to pounce on your girl behind your back.

Martavis Bryant is a different stage of his career now that he is a member of the Oakland Raiders as playing time has dwindled down much lower that what he was used to in Pittsburgh. Because of that, he has a lot more time on his hands to be on social media, which caused him to lash out recently when he noticed that a few of his friends and associates had been ‘liking’ his girlfriend’s pictures on Instagram.

Bryant’s girlfriend is Deja Hiott and here is what he had to say, via Sports Gossip:

“Lol when you some of your homies and associates on your girl page liking her pics lol don’t think I don’t see it I just don’t waste my time saying anything because you have no chance to ever take my place enjoy the pics and continue to have dreams y’all boys some weirdo’s Big Facts”

Martavis (1)

Bryant’s girlfriend then responded herself:

HIott (1)

Bryant (1)

Check out more pics of Martavis’ girl Deja: