Soccer Player’s Throat Slit, Penis Cut Off After Joke About Pretending To Sleep With Man’s Wife (PICS)

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This has to be the craziest story of 2018.

There is a lesson that should be learned here, and it’s never to make jokes about another man’s wife, because you have no idea how they’ll respond to it.

For Daniel Correa, he found out in a way that was gruesome that ultimately took his life.

“A footballer found dead with his genitals cut off was tortured and killed “in barbaric fashion” over a drunken WhatsApp prank, it is claimed.

Daniel Correa’s body was found in the Brazilian city of Sao Jose dos Pinhais on Saturday October 27. He had been castrated and his throat slit with such force that he was almost beheaded.

The 24-year-old, who played for Sao Paulo, had been at the 18th birthday party of Allana Brittes at a nightclub in Curitiba before he was killed.

Three days later, Allana’s dad, Edson Brittes Junior, 39, confessed to killing Correa.

On Monday, pictures emerged showing Correa in bed with a sleeping woman, thought to be Brittes’ wife. They had been sent by the footballer to his friends on WhatsApp in his final hours.

Police said the pictures were most likely taken as part of an “immature stunt”.”

The businessman who allegedly killed the Brazilian soccer player says he did so after finding the midfielder in his underwear trying to rape his wife. That turned out to be a huge lie.

Here are those photos:

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