Alex Bregman Tips Waitress $500 After Her Car Was Burglarized (VIDEO)

It was about a week ago when Alex Bregman decided to launch his own YouTube channel, which offered fans a glimpse of his life off the field.

In one of the first videos uploaded to his channel, the Houston Astros 3rd baseman and his friends decided they wanted to perform a good deed for a waitress whose car was broken into earlier that day.

Jordan Thompson, the waitress featured in the video, told Erica Chayes Wida of TODAY Food that a sizable amount of money was stolen.

“It meant a lot to me personally because of the timing and money getting stolen from me. I was super grateful and also relieved because now I can actually focus on school and have less stress on me having to work extra,” Thompson said. “As soon as I saw the money, I just hugged them. I was super thankful.”

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