Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Likes To Put Ketchup On His Steak

(Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

You’d be hard-pressed to find anybody that doesn’t like Patrick Mahomes, who is just killing it on the field in 2018. This next bit of information just might make him lose some MVP votes.

The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback revealed to Wickersham of ESPN that he likes to eat his steak covered in ketchup. As a matter of fact, he likes pretty much everything with ketchup on it.

“The other day, in Mahomes’ apartment in the Country Club Plaza neighborhood of Kansas City, his grandfather asked him, “What’s it like to be famous?” For one thing, it means he eats less ketchup. He spent most of his life putting ketchup on everything. He would get bottles of it for his birthday. But now that everyone is watching every move he makes, he is sheepish about ordering ketchup. At a restaurant recently, his mom, Randi, recognized an unfilled desire as he dove into a steak. “Just ask for it,” Randi said. “I know you want it.” Patrick wouldn’t. So she asked for the ketchup and slipped it to him.”

Patrick Mahomes, see below:

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If you can eat ketchup on steak, then I’m sure the Chiefs QB sensation is probably a fan of pineapple on pizza and probably double dips his chips as well.

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