The REAL Reason WHY Bill Belichick Hasn’t been in the Madden Video Game… REVEALED

For over 30 years, the folks behind EA Sports’ iconic Madden NFL franchise have had only ONE goal: create the most REALISTIC possible simulation of American football. Period.

For the earliest versions of the game, which came out on home computers in the late 1980s, AESTHETIC realism wasn’t possible. There was only so much you could do with graphics on an Apple II or Commodore 64. Back then, it was all about getting the strategy right.

But of course, things changed as video game systems evolved. With every new gaming system, Madden looked, sounded, and played better. The game engines get better. The action gets smoother. Every advance in technology allowed EA to add more DETAIL to the game.

As a result of 30 years of hard work by HUNDREDS upon hundreds of developers and game testers, the latest instalment of the long-running franchise, Madden NFL 19, is the most realistic EVER. The game features details nobody would have DREAMED about 30 years ago—from the realistic stadiums, to the commentators, to franchise mode, to the tattoos on players’ arms, to the celebration dances they do in the endzones.

However, after ALL these years, there is still ONE aspect of NFL football Madden cannot get right.

The game features all 32 team NAMES. It features all 32 team OWNERS. It features all 53 players on every team roster, PLUS the five-man practice squad. However, it’s only got 31 of the 32 head COACHES.

For years EA’s motto was, if it’s in the game, it’s IN the game. But that has NEVER applied to the coach of the New. England. Patriots.

Bill Belichick, the most famous and accomplished coach in the National Football League, is NOT in Madden.

Never has been. Probably never will be.

The digital stand-ins never look like Belichick. And they don’t have cute names like Will Pelinick, or Phil Gelinick. Some years the New England Patriots coach on Madden is just listed as “NE Coach.” Some years EA just makes somebody up.

One year it was Josh Moore. One year it was Chad Masters. In the latest edition it’s GRIFFIN MURPHY.

NONE of these are real people that exist.

Some Madden fans just can’t HANDLE having the Patriots coached by “NE Coach” or Griffin Murphy. So, in Franchise Mode, they use the “USE CUSTOM COACH” option to create their own Belichick. They assign all the appropriate coaching attributes, name him Bill Belichick, and try to make the avatar look as close to the real deal as possible.

Aesthetically, custom Belichicks never look quite right. But at least the NAME is correct.


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