Kansas HS Coach Becomes Enraged, Pushes Player After Being Doused With Gatorade Following Victory (VIDEO)

Over the weekend, St. Thomas Aquinas in Kansas won the school’s first state football title and it was surely time to celebrate…or so the players thought…

Customary for just about every championship win in all sports, the head coach is going to get doused Gatorade as players sneak up behind them and throw it over their head. As head coach Randy Dreiling made his way midfield, his players were doing just that as two players (No. 77 and No. 3) tried to pour the cooler’s remains on Dreiling.

His response made them regret it immediately as Dreiling became enraged and even pushed a player as he scolded him for the Gatorade bath.

Following the game, a Wichita Eagle reporter asked Dreiling about the ice bath, and he made it clear that he’s never enjoyed them:

“No, not a fan of the ice bath. No, nobody ever gives me ice baths. That was a bad deal.”

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