Deontay Wilder Goes OFF on Reporter For Racism Question: “We Been Fighting 400 Years & Still Fighting” (VIDEO)

Deontay Wilder is already a fiery dude, but the WBC Champion took it to another level on Wednesday.

Following a press conference, Wilder launched a furious verbal response at a reporter after being asked to explain his racism comments that he made to Fury during their face-off.

“You said that your people have been fighting for 400 years,” Rahim began, “I just wanted you to explain what you mean by that?”

Wilder lost his cool with the reporter and began shouting in front of the whole room: “Your people too. Your people too.

“You know what I’m talking about, you all know what I’m talking about.

“Don’t sit up here and try to bait. Y’all know what the f*** I talk about when I say these things. Your people too.

“I ain’t gotta explain what’s understood, Radio Rahim.

“If ain’t nobody understand that, then God be with them, go look up the history.”

If that wasn’t intense enough, Wilder then removed his glasses and stepped straight to the reporter, looking him dead in the eye as he continued to shout in his face.

“How dare you just sit up there and say explain, you know what I’m talking about man.

“You know we’ve been fighting 400 years and still fighting to this day. To this day.”

He then simply turned away and left the room, adding: “Man, I’m outta here bro.”

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