Saints Unhappy With Missed Helmet-To-Helmet Hit On Alvin Kamara

Last night during Thursday Night Football, Alvin Kamara was forced to leave the game in the 4th quarter after he took a vicious hit from Jaylon Smith near the sidelines. Slow-mo replays showed the Cowboys linebacker leading with the crown of the helmet, but officials did not penalize Smith.

The hit sent Kamar to the medical tent for a concussion and then later walking to the locker room with a trainer. Kamara later returned to the game and was on the field for the final Saints offensive play, but the damage was already done and the team is not happy, especially Kamara when asked why a flag wasn’t thrown.

“Did one come out?” Kamara answered rhetorically when asked if he was expecting a flag.

“It is what it is,” he added. “It don’t matter what I was expecting.”

“What do you think?” Saints quarterback Drew Brees said when asked his thoughts about the hit. “Let the league deal with that.”

Despite the tough hard-nosed game between both teams, the game was all but ruin by the officials with blatant missed calls on both sides.

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