The TRUTH Behind the Kareem Hunt Assault Video

Do you think Kareem Hunt should get a second chance and play in the NFL again?

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What’s up guys so I’m sure you’ve all heard by now we have yet another domestic abuse case coming to light in the NFL. The chiefs’ Kareem Hunt was caught on camera pushing and kicking a women in a Cleveland hotel he was staying at and has now been released by the Chiefs. The actions are clearly disgusting and this DEFINITELY not the the first account of Assault coming from an NFL player. Joe Mixon, Ezekiel Elliot, Tyreek Hill, Adrian Peterson, Greg Hardy, Ray Rice, Larry Johnson the list goes on. You would think at this point players would learn from others mistakes. It’s hard to believe the chiefs organization or NFL didn’t take a bigger step looking into this situation when it was first presented to them. The internet has been in a frenzy with rumors spreading of what really happened in this situation. The video footage alone spoke for itself but people are still left wondering what really happened behind the scenes. And that’s what we’re here for.

I’m Jason Biondo and today we present what really happened with the Kareem Hunt incident.