Marshall Faulk Calls Out Several NFL Teams For Falling Apart Due To Overpaying Quarterbacks (TWEET)

Just a few years ago, the Detroit Lions decided to give QB Matt Stafford a huge contract, and it seems to be a decision that is haunting them to this day. That decision among others like that struck a cord inside one of the NFL’s all-time great running backs.

A few days ago, former St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams running back Marshall Faulk didn’t shy away from sharing his opinion on several teams overpaying quarterbacks and the possible impact it’s had on their team and their ability to build the rest of the team up.

Faulk made what he considered to be an accurate list of all the teams in the league that fall under that umbrella along with the Detroit Lions.

“So no one will say anything about what’s going on with today’s NFL. You pay a QB $100 million and watch your team slowly fall apart cause you can’t pay other players. Lions, Panthers, Falcons, Seahawks, Giants, Dolphins, Raiders and now Packers Who’s next? Vikings,” Faulk tweeted.

Unfortunately for faulk’s argument, he has to realize that this is a QB driven league, and one man at that position can possibly change the misfortune of an entire franchise for years to come.

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