Roger Goodell Refuses To Answer Any Questions About Kareem Hunt (VIDEO)

The last thing the NFL needed was another scandal to deal with, but that’s exactly what they have in Reuben Foster and Kareem Hunt in terms of violence against women.

Neither might be playing anytime soon, but they both still dominate headlines as new information on both cases drops almost daily.

On Wednesday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell was in Washington D.C. to attend the funeral services for President George H.W. Bush, so a TMZ cameraman took that opportunity to ask him if he believes the former Kansas City Chiefs RB would play in the league ever again.

He politely ignored him as he scurried to his car.

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Giving the setting, he wasn’t going to answer that question on a sidewalk in Washington D.C., but the obvious answer is yes that Hunt will indeed play again given his immense talent at a crucial position in the league.

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