Tony Gonzalez Would Rather Play With Tom Brady Over Aaron Rodgers: ‘Not On My Top-10 To Play With’ (VIDEO)

Depending on who you talk to when asking who are the greatest tight ends to ever play the game of football, you will likely have Tony Gonzalez somewhere in the top 3.

The former NFL all-pro decided to insert himself into the GOAT debate of who’s better between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady.

Earlier this week, Gonzalez was a guest on Fox Sports’ Speak For Yourself and the hall of fame tight end not only stated he wouldn’t choose Aaron Rodgers, but he wasn’t even in his top quarterbacks to play on the same team with.

“To Aaron Rodgers’ style of play. He’s one of the greatest quarterbacks, some people call him the GOAT,” Gonzalez said Monday. “Of all the quarterbacks, would I want to play with a guy like that? No. He is not even on my Top-1o to play with.”

“I think that Aaron Rodgers is a big-play, home-run hitter, I don’t know if he has the patience to do what Tom Brady, what Peyton (Manning) would do, where they can throw those 5-yard outs.”

Here’s what Gonzalez had to say about Tom Brady:

“He’s excellent,” he said. “Obviously, Tom’s really good in a lot of areas. That’s certainly one that he’s always prided himself on. Look, in our league, the defenses, the personnel on defense, the coaches on the other side, they’re all pretty damn good each week and they have a plan. They want to try to take certain things away from you based on what they call each play, and one of the biggest mistakes you can make is not really concerning yourself with those things and just trying to force the ball into different places. We try to be disciplined and read it out each time. We have a lot of guys that can make plays in the passing game. Many times, we’re at our best when we just distribute the ball to the right guy and he does his job and gets open and then he does something good with the football. The other night, I thought Tommy did a good job of that.”

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