XFL Plans To Have A Running Clock To Speed Up The Game (VIDEO)

Credit: Todd Warshaw/ALLSPORT

The XFL is about a year out from making its much-anticipated return, but this time, some new rules that might be implemented are sure to raise a few eyebrows and draw attention even more to the league.

Unlike in the NFL when an incomplete pass or running out of bounds stops the clock, the XFL is thinking of having a continuous running clock to keep the game moving, except in the final two minutes of the half. That will certainly keep games moving at a faster rate and force teams to make quicker decisions.

“Fans want to minimize idle time and speed up the game,” said Sam Schwartzstein, the XFL’s director of operations, in a video explaining the XFL’s rules. “We look at the play clock as one of the big things we want to change. Fans want more plays — less stall, more ball.”

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To make sure the offense is able to line up quickly and start the next play, the XFL will designated ball spotters who will spot the ball immediately after a play ends, taking that responsibility out of the referees’ hands.

Here are some other changes via PFT:

“Other changes the XFL is planning include a revamped kickoff that requires the kicking team to wait until the receiving team has caught the ball before running downfield, a punt rule modeled off the CFL’s requirement that returners get at least five yards of space to field the ball, and tiered extra points that do away with kicks entirely and allow the offense to score one point from the 2-yard line, two points from the 5-yard line or three points from the 15-yard line.

The XFL is working with a community college football team that has practiced under some of the XFL’s proposed rules, to see how it plays out with real players on the field.”

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