Transgender Male Boxer Patricio Manuel Makes History With Win In Pro Debut (VIDEO)

This is quite something.

Boxer Patricio Manuel became the first transgender man to compete in a professional boxing match on Saturday, and he not only competed well in the bout, but come away with an impressive win over Hugo Aguilar by unanimous decision at the the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, Calif.

Manuel, who last fought as a woman in 2012, told the Los Angeles Times that he “wouldn’t trade any of” his journey.

“I wouldn’t trade any of it. It was worth everything I went through to get to this point. I’m a professional boxer now,” Manuel said.

“The best part of tonight — once I got to the arena and starting getting ready, get the adrenaline rushing, step through those ropes, [greet] my opponent — I loved it all,” he added.

After fighting in the 2012 Olympic trials as a female, Patricio began the long transition to male. It was a trip that involved surgery, hormone treatments, trying to get licensed, the loss of a coach, and a training facility when neither proved willing to work with Manuel after she became a he.

As an amateur, Manuel couldn’t find anybody willing to fight a transgender boxer. As a pro it took some help from Oscar De La Hoya’s company, Golden Boy Promotions, to get him licensed.

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