Charles Barkley Warns Hecklers That Athletes Could Hurt & Kill You (VIDEO)

Unlike any other year, we’ve seen a number of videos of athletes confronting fans after something was said to them that clearly crossed the line enough for them to threaten physical violence.

TMZ Sports caught up with Charles Barkley and the NBA legend warned athletes to walk away from hecklers, because any form of violence against them will just cause them to sue. He also warned hecklers that if an athlete was to hit them, they could quite possibly kill them.

“If you hit a fan and hurt them, you might KILL them,” Barkley explained … “But the main thing, you just gotta walk away or they’re just gonna sue ya.”

“Listen, they would never say that to you and fight you in the streets, but if you hit them you’re gonna lose a lot of money,” Barkley added on his way out of Matsuhisa in L.A.

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant was fined when he confronted a Mavericks fan and cursed him out during a game. Los Angeles Clippers PG Patrick Beverley was ejected and fined after he threw a basketball at a Mavs fan.

Leonard Fournette was recently caught on camera threatening physical violence to a Tennessee Titans fan during a Thursday night game. Also, Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell had to be subdued after walking up to confront a fan as well.

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