WNBA Coach Severed 2 Arteries Punching Window & Dislocating Wife’s Finger During Domestic Assault

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Nothing about this story is good at all.

Todd Troxel is lucky to be alive today after he reportedly severed two arteries in his arm during an alleged domestic assault back in November.

According to TMZ Sports, his fiancé informed police that he punched through a glass window in anger after grabbing her, pinning her to the ground and dislocating her finger.

She also stated that an argument started at their home after the Phoenix Mercury assistant coach wanted to smoke weed in their Uber on the way back home from a Phoenix Suns game. Troxel initially lied to police and stated he suffered the injury while hanging Christmas lights.

Despite her dislocated finger, Troxel’s fiancée did not file charges against him, so he has not been charged with a crime or arrested.

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