Professional Wrestler Suffers Cracked Skull, Bleeding From Brain, Hearing Loss After Front Flip Straight To Concrete (VIDEO)

Professional Wrestling might have predetermined outcomes, but what you can’t fake is life altering injuries.

Shawn Phoenix knows that all too well when his life flashed before his eyes due a stunt that went terribly wrong. The independent wrestler suffered a number of injuries including a broken skull after his attempted 450 splash through a table went badly.

Phoenix was attempting to hit the move from the top rope onto his opponent who was laid out on a table. The opponent moved out of the way and Phoenix overshot the table, and hit his head on the floor instead of going through the table.

His injuries including a broken skull, bleeding from the brain, a broken ear canal, leaking spinal fluid from his ear, a concussion, paralysis in the left side of his face, and a torn tendon in his thumb.

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