Jon Jones Blasted For Telling Female Reporter To “Sit Down, Shut Up, & You Suck” After Evading Positive Test Question (VIDEO)

During the UFC 232 press conference on Thursday, Jon Jones was not in a good mood after he had to face questions about the positive drug test that forced the entire event to move from Las Vegas to Los Angeles.

When a reporter asked Jones why this event was the third time his fights were overshadowed by positive test results, Jones replied, “next question,”
and it only went downhill from there.

The reporter asked UFC president Dana White as to why the bout with Alexander Gustafsson was scheduled instead of handing the former light heavyweight champion a suspension.

Jones interrupted, saying “someone take the mic from her. You suck. Do better at journalism.” Once that video made it’s way to social media, fans began to turn on Jon Jones even more for how he treated that female reporter.

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