Soccer Player Tells Team He Can’t Play Because He’s Sick; Wife Posts Pics of Them Vacationing In Maldives

 (Photo credit should read FRANCISCO LEONG/AFP/Getty Images)

If you’re going to lie, you need to cover all your bases to make it believable.

Soccer player Serdar Aziz had no intentions of being with his team over the holidays, so he mapped out a plan to inform them he was too sick to show up and, of course, they beleived him.

Unfortunately, the belief turned into disbelief after someone noticed pictures posted by his wife that blew his entire cover.

“When Galatasaray defender Serdar Aziz told the club he was unable to be called up for the squad to play last Sunday’s game against Sivasspor, as he was suffering terrible stomach aches, the club was very understanding and hoped he’d get well soon.

Aziz was not at home in bed.

But imagine their surprise a couple of days later when the wife of the Turkish player, Tugçe Aziz, posted a series of photos of her idyllic winter holidays in the Maldives… alongside the supposedly ill Serdar Aziz, who looked fresh as a daisy.

The club had never been asked about the trip and it wasn’t authorized, meaning Aziz may now be forced out. Galatasaray have told the player not to come to training and are hoping they receive an offer in the winter transfer market so they can move him on.”

Shaking my head, it be your own wife.

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