Darryl Strawberry Hates Marijuana, Says It’s A Gateway Drug To Other Stuff (VIDEO)

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Darryl Strawberry, the man who admitted to doing dope, shooting heroin, and smoke crack while playing baseball, is not a fan of marijuana.

The former controversial baseball player was recently stopped by TMZ Sports and had something to say about the dangers of marijuana being a gateway drug to other stuff, because that’s what he started out with as a teenager and it lead him to doing other things.

Via TMZ:

Darryl Strawberry believes marijuana is DANGEROUS — telling TMZ Sports it should NOT be used as pain management because it’s a gateway drug that can ruin lives.

Now, with so many pro athletes calling for the legalization of marijuana for pain management, Strawberry says it’s the WRONG thing to do.

“Most people don’t understand marijuana is a drug,” the 56-year-old tells TMZ Sports … “It’s just the beginning. Starting people off when they’re young and then it leads to everything else.”

Strawberry also says America is “spiritually broken” when it comes to the use of prescription medication … blaming pharmaceutical companies for “flooding the gates” with opiates that are killing young people.

But, the root of the problem, according to Strawberry, is weed.

“Most young people start off with marijuana … it’s a gateway. I started with marijuana when I was young — 14, 15 years old — and it led me to everything else.”

We asked Darryl if he advocates for any Rx drug for pain management and he told us — “There’s no such thing as pain management for prescription drugs. They’ve gotten totally out of control.”

He added, “Anything that alters your mind will change your mind forever.”

‘I never used any outside drugs or street drugs or anything playing baseball. I didn’t have to because I had amphetamines,’ Strawberry said in a shockingly candid interview with KTLA5 back in 2017.

When asked what other drugs he used, he responded:  ‘Everything. I could shoot dope, shoot heroin, smoke crack, it didn’t matter. Drink alcohol, it didn’t matter. Whatever I liked to do on that particular day, that’s what I would do.’

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