LaVar Ball Clanked 7 Shots, Had 2 Air Balls, Before Finally Draining A 3 (VIDEO)

Since being put in the spotlight, LaVar Ball has claimed to be one of the best to ever grace the hardwood, despite never getting close to the NBA and not having any footage to back up his claims. Not to mention, he truly believes he was better and could’ve taken down Michael Jordan in his prime.

After a recent game involving LaMelo Ball — the CEO of Big Baller Brand decided he was going to show off to the crowd where his sons got their jumper from. That was a bad decision.

LaVar tried to launch from 3-point territory and it didn’t work out in his favor. His first two shots barely touched the rim with the next 2 hitting nothing but air.

He would go on to clank 3 more before finally draining his 8th shot.

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