Ravens Players Wear Creepy Masks Just Before Their Matchup Against The Chargers (VIDEO)

One of the more unlikely matchups in the Wild Card games that nobody could’ve predicted before the season that features the Los Angeles Chargers and Baltimore Ravens is getting ready to start in just about an hour, but the Ravens are already sending a message.

A few members of the Ravens entered the M&T Bank Stadium dawning intimidating masks as they walked silently past cameramen.

Just 24 hours ago, Colts WR TY Hilton showed up NRG Stadium rocking a clown mask in response to Texans CB Jonathan Joseph calling him a “clown.” He proceeded to catch 5 passes for 85 yards and led the team to a touchdown on the 1st possession of the game.

Ravens’ players also wore masks to their season finale against the Browns during the regular season, which was the game that got them the AFC North crown.