People Who Took Kentucky -13.5 vs. Texas A&M Surely Pissed After Crazy Half-Court Shot Goes In (VIDEO)

This is the sole reason why gamblers can’t sleep at night. Everything could be going your way and then BOOM, it all goes to hell.

For the first 39:59 of the game featuring the Kentucky Wildcats and Texas A&M Aggies, things were going according to plan as the Wildcats held a 14-point lead with mere seconds to go.

Kentucky had the ball last as one of the players just threw it in the air to kill the remainder of the time as coaches shook hands and everything. Refs called shot clock violation with 1 second, reviewed the play and put 0.8 seconds back on clock in Lexington.

An A&M player launched a shot from half court that,of course, found the bottom of the net. The game ended 85-74.

Kentucky was favored by 13.5 points. You hate to see that.

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