Alabama DT Quinnen Willams Not Impressed By Trevor Lawrence After Clemson Beat-Down

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

Following his 347-yard, three-touchdown performance in Monday’s national championship game, Clemson true freshman Trevor Lawrence has been called a “once-in-a-generation” quarterback by several analysts.

While fans at home and at the game were dazzled with what he could do against that Crimson Tide defense, at least one player on the opposing team came away unimpressed.

Crimson Tide defensive tackle Quinnen Williams said everything he could to discount what Lawrence was able to do against him and he sounded straight unimpressed with his talent.

“No, they really didn’t do anything that caught us off guard. We knew everything was coming. We ran a zone and they ran go routes. 50-50 balls,” Williams said, via “Trevor Lawrence threw the ball up — it ain’t like he just put it on the money, dropped dimes, none of that. He just threw them up and the receivers made plays. You’ve got to give all the respect to the receivers.”

“He just threw 50-50 balls,” Williams said. “He threw it up. They have receivers that make plays and their receivers made plays.”

That sounds like some Grade-A hate right there as Williams clearly has a bit of salt sprinkled into his body.

Unlike Williams — Nick Saban gave credit where it was due.

“Trevor Lawrence is a special talent,” Alabama coach Nick Saban said after the game. “I saw him when he was a sophomore and he was a special player as a sophomore in high school. And he’s playing in a good system, a good scheme, that’s somewhat similar to what he played in high school. We have 7-on-7s all over the country, we’ve got great quarterback coaches that help these guys develop early in their careers, but Trevor has always been a special talent in my mind and it doesn’t surprise me.

“He’s got he right stuff as a person, and he’s played phenomenally well for his team this year.”

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