Cowboys LB DeMarcus Lawrence Makes it Clear He’s Ready to Destroy Jared Goff

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

​The ​Rams are hosting the ​​Cowboys​ in the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs this weekend, but the game is slated to be a lot more neutral given the amount of Cowboys fans who live in the are and the ones who will indeed travel to make it sound like a home game.

Whatever the case may be, Cowboys’ defensive lineman ​DeMarcus Lawrence is ready to do something bad to Jared Goff to make him uncomfortable all night long.

When asked on his impressions of Goff, Lawrence replied saying, “He’s a quarterback. I don’t like quarterbacks. My impression is the same. I go into every week wanting to take the quarterback’s soul. You get the look in a man’s eyes and see fear in his heart, that’s when you know you got him.”

Yea, that’ll just make you piss your pants right there.

I mean, his will and determination to find the ball carrier against the Seattle Seahawks should be enough to let you know that this man is not playing.

Good luck containing that.

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