NBA Teams Are Now Begging Drake To Not Cheer For Their Teams To Escape His Dreaded Curse (TWEET)

The dreaded Drake curse! Nobody wants it, but it seems to show its face during a very critical time when its not needed.

A few days before the Alabama Crimson Tide took on the Clemson Tigers — rapper Drake was seen wearing wearing a Bama shirt and putting his fandom behind the squad. Big mistake.

The Crimson Tide would go on to get smacked all night long and lose 44-16 to the Tigers. That was just the most recent in a long list of Drake-supported teams where things went awry as soon as he jumped on the bandwagon.

Ask Conor McGregor after Drake held his Irish flag right before a fight. The Toronto Raptors as they got swept by King James in the playoffs last year. Kentucky, who hasn’t won a National Title since he became a fan. Serena Williams, who shockingly loss in the U.S. Open a few years back when he was in the stands. You get my drift.

There’s at least one NBA team who doesn’t want their young talent to fall victim to his sorcery, so they took measures to make sure it didn’t happen.

On Thursday, the Minnesota Timberwolves Twitter account replied to a tweet of Andrew Wiggins playing Drake’s music and gave a savage reply to the Canadian born rapper:

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