Overwhelming Majority of NFL Players Believe Colin Kaepernick Should Be on a Roster

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Despite what a large majority of the public might think about Colin Kaepernick, a large majority of players who currently play the game agree that he should still be playing and be on a roster right now, based on a poll conducted by The Athletic.

81 of 85 defensive players who were polled said they believe Kaepernick should be on an NFL roster. Two players voted no and two players issued a “no comment” on the subject. 20% of voters said they would replace Jacksonville’s Blake Bortles with Kaepernick. 18% said the former ex-49er should replace Nathan Peterman. Ouch.

“S—, any team that carries three quarterbacks for sure, the third guy on that roster. And a majority of the teams with two quarterbacks, he should be the backup,” one anonymous player told The Athletic. “And some places he should be the starter.”

The 31-year-old veteran last played in the league in 2016 and is currently suing the NFL over claims that league owners blackballed him due to his protests of racial injustice and police brutality.

In his final year with the 49ers, he threw 16 touchdowns and four interceptions.

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